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What is a corticle? A corticle is a new product for your professional development. The word ‘corticle’ is formed by combining the english words “course” and “article”. In fact, this product is composed of an article (text to read) and a follow-up refresher course (video).

Is a corticle an educational refresher course whose content can be used in the dental practices or dental laboratory’s daily work? Yes, absolutely. The author of each corticle presents the theory and step-by-step practice of a specific technique by dividing it into individual phases-video each preceded by captions-explanation.

How many individual videos does a corticle contain?  Depending on the argument, there are 15 to 60 individual videos each preceded by explanatory captions.

Is it difficult to watch a corticle? No, once a corticle has been bought, all you need to do is click on, read the captions that precede the individual phases, and click on the photo to start the video. This procedure facilitates the step-by-step application of the author’s technique in the dental laboratory or dental practice for perfect final results.

How much does it cost to watch a corticle? Corticles cost very little, only €1.99.

How can I pay? Click on “Buy” to open the payment page where you must register and can pay by credit card for the chosen corticle or corticles.

Once bought, how many times can I watch a corticle? After the corticle has been bought, it is moved into your personal library MyCorticles and will always be available to you. You can watch it again whenever you like. 

Is the quality of professional development guaranteed? Yes, absolutely. The best international authors teach their techniques in the corticles. The quality of the contents is also guaranteed by a scientific committee connected to two leading publishers who have specialised in the dental sector for decades - the Italian teamwork media srl and the Canadian Palmeri Publishing Inc. working together with a group of specialized editors in the dental market in various countries throughout the world (to see the list click on "editorial partners" on the homepage)

Are you interested in becoming the next author of a Corticle? Send now your CV and any publications and videos to