Fabrication of a removable prosthesis with LV KON

Sergio Streva

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In this corticle we will show some images of the fabrication of a removable prosthesis with LV KON, a retention that I would define brilliant. By using these frictions we do not have problems of space, since we will not vertically overlap any type of attachment, and the space required on the horizontal plane is certainly small. The fields of application are different, very appreciated also in conometry and removable partial dentures. In the corticle you will see the fabrication with the direct, indirect and digital methods.


Abount the Author

He began to work as an apprentice dental technician in 1975. He started his entrepreneurial activity in 1986 as the owner of the dental laboratory New Dental s.n.c. During the years he has had the opportunity to know and to make commercial agreements, bound or not bound by contracts, with some companies working in this field that instructed him about their products and made him become an expert in dental materials. With this type of specialization he has given a series of conferences and courses all over Italy and abroad (North America, Poland, Spain, France, England). He is the author of several articles published in specialized magazines. In 2012 a book was published, called “Il protocollo” (The protocol), of which he is one of four authors. This text deals with the technical approach to great implant rehabilitations. In 2012 he was involved in the writing of a book on dental materials for dental technicians (published by Zanichelli), of which he wrote the part concerning metallurgy.