GLAM CERAMIC. GLAM arises from the need to combine the whole metal-free world in just one ceramic system.

Maurizio Gualandri (CERAMICA GLAM)

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The combined experience of technicians and researchers of proven experience has allowed the birth of GLAM. This simple (only 45 masses!), logic and efficient concept allows to fabricate the esthetic part both on zirconium oxide and on lithium disilicate frames, much to the advantage of the laboratory. Just one kit to manage the whole metal-free production, with the confidence of being able to work in a simple manner, knowing each individual mass in a short time and the certainty of the result. Do not judge on face-value: with GLAM you will have the possibility to see the material first-hand, without compromises.


Abount the Author

Born in Rome in 1963. Graduated in Rome in 1982, he is the owner of a laboratory since 1992. In 2002 he was a founding member of the group “dental excellence – International Laboratory Group”. He belongs to the international scientific committee “dental dialogue”. He was an affiliate member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry until 2008. Member of the Blue Academy. SICED member and speaker. Member of CNA. He belongs to the council of the Amici di Brugg. He gives educational courses at the University of Tor Vergata and at the Institute Edmondo de Amicis. Scientific advisor of Wieland until 2013. Scientific advisor of Nobil Metal. His professional orientation andd technological development are aimed at fixed and implant-supported prosthesis and at Mock-up, a technique at the service of pre-visualization.