I.E.D. TECHNIQUE (Incisal Edge Design)

Lorena Dalla Riva

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The I.E.D. Technique shown in this Corticle arose from the need to take maximum advantage of the study of the case carried our during wax-up or CAD modelling. In particular, the case illustrated here deals with two incisors of different size fabricated in disilicate, where the I.E.D. (Incisal Edge Design) technique finds its utmost application.


Abount the Author

She qualified as a dental technician at IPSIA in Lampertico (Vicenza) in 1981. Since 2002 she has been giving ceramic courses to the fourth and fifth classes of that same school. Since 1982 she has been constantly and continuously participating in refreseher courses, with a particular focus on esthetic materials that take advantage of technological innovations. She has collaborated with Dental Research Laboratories in Connecticut for the creation of dental colours. She holds courses and conferences on ceramic systems that take advantage of stains for dental use and gives lectures on PMT (patient - dentist - dental technician) communication, of which she is the inventor, in Italy and abroad. Inventor of the I.E.D. (Incisal Edge Design) technique for disilicate. Author of articles published on dental journals. Teacher at the “High-Level Education Course” at the University of Bologna from 2009 until 2012. She sat on the Cultural Scientific Committee of Amici di Brugg. Member of Siced, member of Aiop, active member of Amici di Brugg, member of Antlo. Member of the scientific committee of the international magazine “dental dialogue”