Texture and infiltration of zirconia monoliths with the Inside In technique

Giuseppe Rampulla

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The advent of zirconia in the field of dental technology/dentistry created a new market, by opening new aesthetic/rehabilitative perspectives. Thanks to its characteristics, it revealed itself an excellent material both in terms of sturdiness and of aesthetics and biocompatibility. Over the years an enormous evolution of these materials has taken place. The zirconia to be veneered with ceramic materials then became, to all intents and purposes, highly translucent zirconia, which can therefore be used as valid alternatives to known materials like silicates; the only difficulty is succeeding in infiltrating the colour in the correct manner at the green stage in order to make their aesthetic qualities stand out. This technique (Inside In) is an example of how it is possibile to obtain excellent results with these materials that are becoming more and more established on the market, also thanks to the digital impressions where a direct technique of prosthesis construction that bypasses the model is required.An accurate knowledge of the colours to be infiltrated, as well as of shades, intensity, chroma, high or low value, in addition to a good morphology and texture of the surfaces, allow the operator to obtain results that are very close to those of the stratified constructive techniques, with undeniable advantages in terms of strength and working stages. Let’s not forget what we said before: the market goes towards the digital and the requests of digitally planned and milled or printed protheses are going to grow more and more. The Inside In technique, in particular, offers the operator the possibility of highlighting the qualities of a translucent zirconia already at the SInt stage.


Abount the Author

Dental technician graduated in 1982, owner of the dental laboratory Unident located in Parma, he attended specialization courses and various Masters in dental technology among which Paul Fiechter, Klaus Muetherties, Oliver Brix, Giancarlo Barducci, Dr Mauro Fradeani, Alberto Battistelli, Jochen Peters. He gives courses on the subject matter of zirconia manufacturing – Smile Design and gnathology in Italy and in Europe. Author of articles in some specialized magazines and Master speaker at the University La Sapienza in Rome. Inventor of the OBS system and of the Golden Proportion applied to the dental field. Presently lecturer on behalf of the company Biodynamic and partner member of Art Oral REOX.