Intraforaminal implants for the anchorage of an overdenture

Giuseppe Fiamminghi

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The implant-prosthetic rehabilitation of the completely edentulous lower arch results in a considerable number of biological, functional, psychological and operational advantages. The placement of two implants for the anchorage of an overdenture represents the solution with the best cost-benefit for our patients. The initial treatment plan includes patient’s medical history, oral examination, radiographic analysis and the assessment of preexisting dental prostheses, if any. Only at a later time, therefore, it will be possible to plan, in concert with the patient’s expectations, the surgical-prosthetic procedure that will result in the finalization of the case.


Abount the Author

He graduated in Dentistry and Prosthodontics in 2003, with an original research thesis on immediate loading implants in the esthetic region. He owns a private practice in Vicofertile, Parma. He collaborates with several dental offices, with a particular focus on oral surgery and implant prosthetics. He attended many specialization courses including: Course on the anatomical dissection of cadavers, Paris V University; Stages in advanced surgery at Prof. Khoury’s clinic in Germany; Relationships between Periodontology and Restorative Dentistry, Dr P. Cortellini; Course on the extraction of impacted third molars, Dr C. Clauser; Integrated Biology New Implant, Dr H. Salama; Annual course of Periodontology, Dr S. Parma Benfenati; Surgery of lower third molar, University of Florence, etc. He also attended courses on: immediate loading, advanced surgery, mucogingival surgery, maxillary sinus lift, operative techniques in periodontal plastic surgery, surgery of impacted teeth, computer-guided surgery, surgical techniques for the management of peri-implant soft tissues. He has been a lecturer in courses and evening events for dental assistants, where he developed the topic of operating room preparation and patient management in implant surgery. Lecturer in courses and evening events on implantology, management of peri-implant soft tissues, the technique of immediate post-extraction implant placement and maxillary sinus lift with crestal access, immediate loading of post-extraction implants, management of peri-implant soft tissues, implant success in the esthetic area and medium- and long-term bone preservation, use of diode laser, harvesting of connective tissue and its applications in implantology. Every year, since 2015, he has held an eight-day course on implantology and a course on maxillary sinus lift with the crestal approach.