Claudio Nannini

Claudio Nannini was born in Modena (Italy) in 1961. He manages his own laboratory in Modena with four colleagues: Luca, Giovanni, Elvir, and Luisa. He is a member of the scientific committee of the journals “dental dialogue” and “Quintessenza”. He has also spoken at numerous national and international events especially at the Amici di Brugg congress in 2005 where he held the pre-congress course together with Dr. Giuseppe Cuman and Prof. Rudolf Slavicek. Furthermore, he lectured at “colloquium dental” in Brescia in 2011and he has published various articles in national and international journals. He co-authored the book “The total prosthesis according to Slavicek” (teamwork media srl, Italy) with his colleagues Massimo Baldin, Dr. Giuseppe Cuman, and Dr. Roberto Masnata. In addition, he wrote the book “Aesthetic & Function - Methodologies for Dental Clinics and Dental Laboratories” (teamwork media srl, Italy). Lastly, he has been holding courses on gnathology and press techniques for doctors and technicians for many years.