Stefano Sartori

In 1996 Stefano Sartori graduated summa cum laude in Dentistry and Prosthodontics at Pavia University. In 2000 he was designated “Cultore della Materia” for the teaching of Periodontology at the faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Pavia University. Then he specialized summa cum laude in Medical Statistics at the same University, and in 2010 he obtained the specialization in Oral Surgery from Milan University summa cum laude. He is an active member of the Italian Academy of Endodontics (AIE), active member of the Italian Society of Oral Surgery and Implantology (SICOI), founding member and active member of the Academy of Non Transfusional Hemocomponents, active member of the Italian Academy of Osteointegration (IAO). He published several articles as first author on international journals with impact factor, among which the Journal of Clinical Periodontology and Clinical Oral Implant Research. He lectured many times in Italy and abroad, for example at the American Academy of Periodontology and at the Japanese Academy of Periodontology, on themes concerning implantology and bone regeneration techniques. He owns a private practice in Piacenza