Attilio Sommella

Attilio Sommella is a dental laboratory technician in Naples who mainly focusses on esthetics in fixed prostheses. He graduated in Dental Medicine at CESPU - Instituto Universitário de Ciências da Saúde - Gandra - Porto (PT). He is the author of numerous articles in national and international journals, and is an international thesis supervisor with a mainly esthetic inclination above all to mini-invasive reconstructions. He developed a simplified working system for ceramic called “incisal cards” for which a patent was deposited in 1999. He works in partnership with various companies in the sector as well as developing currently used working protocols and professional tools. His first publication resulted in him then writing the book “The incisal edge, strong point in the expression of an incisor” published in Italian by teamwork media Srl and in English by Palmeri Publishing Inc. in Canada. He is a member of the dental dialogue and teamwork-clinic scientific committees. He won the AIOP – ANTLO “Roberto Polcan” prize in 2006. He co-authored the book “Veneers. Mini-invasive reconstructions: Clinical-technical aspects” published by teamwork media srl which has been published in several languages.