Alberto Battistelli

He has owned a dental laboratory in Fonte Nuova (Rome) since 1979. He founded and was first National Chairman of the CIO (Collegio Italiano Odontotecnici – Italian Dental Technicians Organization). In 1998 he received the I.C.O.I. “Diploma” (International Congress of Oral Implantology). He is National Manager of S.I.C.E.D. (Società Italiana dei Ceramisti Dentali – Italian Society of Dental Ceramics), and founder and Honorary President of A.I.M.O.D. (Accademia Internazionale di Modellazione Dentale – International Academy of Dental Modelling) as well as founder and president of GOI (Gruppo OdontoImplantotecnico – Dental Implant Technicians Group). He has held courses since 1984 as well as conferences on micro dental techniques and dental esthetics. He has published numerous international articles and co-authored the book “Precision in prosthetic restoration” with Dr. Domenico Massironi and Dental Technician Romeo Pascetta (Resch Editrice, 1993) .He also co-authored the monograph “Research and verification of precision in fixed prostheses” NLO 7/96. He developed the new AFG modelling technique (Anatomic Functional Geometry) which was published in 6 languages in the journal dental dialogue (teamwork-media srl) in 2002. He also developed the “decomposed impression tray” implant prosthesis technique published with Dr. O. La Manna and Dr. D. Severino: (teamwork, anno 4, 1- 2004). Author with Dr. Dario Severino and Dr. Oto La Manna of the international book “Modelling” on AFG in 12 languages published by teamwork media Srl. In 2013 he obtained the University certificate of specialized ADVANCED POSTGRADUATE TRAINING in dental prostheses at the University of L&039;Aquila (Italy). He founded and has been co-developer of the SDT brand (Specialist Dental Technician) for dental technicians who have a university certificate as a specialist. He was Director of the fist University course in Digital Dental Techniques at the Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome .Lastly, he set up the AFG digital dental library that manages shapes numerically using a mathematical sampling system.